Manifattura Inceptum

Inceptum Italy


Inceptum Orologi

Italian manufacturing
Inceptum is an independent watchmaking Made in Italy brand, born in 2022, which draws inspiration from the art of watchmaking of the first half of the 20th century and from the Italian artisan tradition.

Inceptum, due to three years of research and progress, developed a manual winding mechanical calibre, working on every phase of the creative process, from the conception to the production of individual components. Inceptum constructs, assembles and calibrates the mechanical movement, the watch cases, the watch hands and dial in its own workshops.


Inside the case you wouldn’t just find the watch, but even the pieces of raw material from which the bridges and the plate of your movement are obtained, as a guarantee for the uniqueness and the craftsmanship of our products. Every single manufactured component is inspected to ensure the maximum precision and assurance over the course of time. The assemblage is entrusted to qualified and certified watchmakers.


Inceptum firmly believes that the quality of its Made in Italy watches is a value of absolute relevance and distinction. The cleanliness of the lines and the simplicity of the design represent the distinguishing principles of the brand, guaranteeing the elegance and the style that characterize the Inceptum watches.


The ongoing research of innovative aesthetical solutions and techniques enables a constant development of the brand, with the future purpose of producing the 100% of the components in its own workshops.